September 2010 Rally at Coronation Park

An estimated 700 to 1000 animal activists attended this rally held at Coronation Park.


September 2010 Protesting BSL in Ontario

Protesting BSL in Ontario 2010 (song by Maria Daines CD (“Not Guilty)

Repeal BSL Rally 2010 Hosted by Stopk9profiling

Pet Central gave exceptional coverage of “Hersheys Rally” interviewing several of the days participants, MPP Cheri DiNovo, Bill Bruce, Rui Branco, and several dog owners. As well, a good presentation and perception of the harmful effects of Breed Specific Laws is given. The program also provides, a view of how responsible legislation and programs can be attainable and exist like in Calgary, Alberta.

A Remembrance Banner was constructed at Hershey’s Rally for those who have had their dogs seized and killed under Ontario’s breed ban. Many of those who attended took the time to view and participate.

August 2008 Protest at Queens Park

John Pollock interviewing Cheri DiNovo 2010

Phillip Huggins’ dog, Ginger was seized and ordered into custody at a City pound after a fight broke out between a muzzled and leashed Ginger and another dog on November 29, 2005. After a trial before a Justice of the Peace in the Ontario Court of Justice on July 11, 2007, Ginger was ordered to be destroyed. Mr. Huggins appealed that decision to a Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice and won. The City and the Attorney General of Ontario then asked the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal that judgment and have Ginger destruction order stayed. The motion was argued on June 17, 2009, the following two video’s were taken at a protest as a result of that Appeal decision. November 2009 the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld the death sentence of Ginger with this statement. QUOTE ” The Legislature does NOT make mistakes & needs to be followed even though it leads to a manifest ABSURDITY & anything enacted by Legislature MUST be enforced however HARSH, ABSURD, & CONTRARY TO COMMON SENSE”. They certainly did get to make a statement of their thoughts of BSL eh? Statement on Gingers Case by the DLCC Protest at Queens Park! Why BSL in so wrong. Protest at Queens Park 2009 Protest at Queens Park 2009 Cheri DiNovo speaking. Numerous protests were held in Brampton Ontario in 2009 when 2 dogs, Brittany and Rambo, were scheduled to be killed in February of 2010. These two dogs did not have a bite history nor had there been any complaints lodged against them or their owners. One of the owners was a 75 year old woman on a pension. An animal control officer saw her dog behind a fenced yard, and determined based solely on physical appearance, that her dog was a “pit bull”. The second owner Rui Branco had several police cars show up at this house and seize his dog Brittany without warrant when he was not home. Rui Branco decided to make his case public and fought for his own dog Brittany and for Rambo as well. This case cost the tax payers and the families tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. In the end an independent veterinarian determined that dogs in fact, were not “pit bulls” thus not falling under Ontario’s Breed Specific Legislation . However, in order for Brittany and Rambo to be returned to their respective owners, their owners were forced by law to have their dogs labelled ‘dangerous’ and thus must now comply with all restrictions attached to that label. BSL Protest in Brampton, Ontario Protest in Brampton Ontario 2009 Part 1 Protest in Brampton Ontario 2009 Part 2 MPP Pit Bull Legislation “Flawed” Toronto Sun Coverage of the Brampton Protest Protest in Kingston Ontario Feb. 2010 Calleigh, a mixed breed, well mannered dog was misidentified as a “pit bull” and seized from her owners to be killed. Her owners rallied around her, went public, and took the case to court to fight for her life. A DNA test showed Calleigh was not a “pit bull”.


Short documentary by fourth year graduating students of Seneca Collage on the Ontario breed ban in 2013. This controversial documentary on breed specific legislation (BSL) offers broadly differentiating opinions and points of view. Interviewees include a former politician known to legislate bills for equality; a past president of the Ontario Veterinary Association; a advocate for people with disabilities turned activist against BSL and lastly a newspaper journalist, writer, speaker and strong proponent of BSL. The dogs in the video will speak for themselves.