About Hershey Anti-BSL Group

photo for hershey about pageHershey Anti-BSL Group is a grassroots association of dog owners and concerned citizens committed to repealing Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario through public education, political involvement and the promotion of responsible dog ownership, Hershey’s mandate is to restore fair and equal treatment of all dog owners across Ontario. Our Hershey groups supports “breed” neutral legislation applied fairly and equally to all Ontarians. Hershey’s group endorses the City of Calgary’s Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, known worldwide as the “Calgary Model” and encourages municipalities to adopt similar legislation.

Over the years, Hershey’s Anti-BSL group has organized and participated in numerous rallies in the greater Toronto area, bringing awareness to the street and educating the general public on how to be better pet guardians and about the brutality of BSL. Hershey group administrators and supporters have attended many dog/pet related events as well as concert venues to spread the word and encourage people to become involved.  Our motto is educate don’t legislate. Print off Hershey Anti-BSL Group’s brochures, which will provide information to advocates wishing to distribute information in and to their communities. Visiting your local dog park, veterinary office or other pet related businesses will go a long way to spreading the word and bring Ontario closer to the repeal of Breed Specific Legislation.

Hershey Anti-BSL Group is not an animal rescue organization. Should you require the assistance of a rescue group within Ontario, please click here for more information.