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The Ontario Provincial Election will take place on June 7, 2018. Now more than ever, we need your advocacy. Contact your local NDP or PC candidate to ask them where they stand on repealing Breed Specific Legislation. You can simply cut and paste the Letter to Candidates directly into an email. Type in your candidates name (or a general salutation for mass emails) and your own information at the bottom. Find your candidates email from the list below. Copy and paste the email(s) below into your email and send. We will endeavour to keep the list as current as possible.





Bull Shit: A Documentary, is “A documentary about Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario and Montreal and the individuals using their platforms to change the way we view these animals.” During the Ontario Election Campaign, we are asking that you watch this documentary and spread the message. Consider sending the link to your current MPP or candidates.



On April 13, 2017, the Province of Quebec tabled Bill 128, a province-wide ban on “pit bulls” and Rottweilers.  Responsible dog owners from other parts of Canada and elsewhere will be prohibited from travelling within or through Quebec (as Ontario) without putting their dogs as risk of being seized and killed. Shelters and animal rescue groups will be forced to euthanize dogs fitting the subjective description outlined in this draconian legislation. Whether you own a dog or not, or whether you own a targeted dog or not, we must work together to preserve the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. Here’s what you can do:

Send a message to the Premier of Quebec, Philippe Couillard;