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Everyone is writing their emails correct? Any positive responses from your local MPP? Looks like it’s time to try a new approach! This time, since it was the Attorney General who implemented BSL in the first place, let’s forward our emails to Attorney General Doug Downey directly, and cc Premier Doug Ford and the Hon. Sylvia Jones, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services. The more emails Mr. Downey receives, the more he will understand how serious we are about ending BSL and that we aren’t going away! The PC Government claims they want to stop frivolous spending and save the tax payers of this province money, you would think that they would LOVE knowing that an easy way to save about 60 million dollars a year is to stop murdering our pets! This is their chance to be looked at as the heroes of the Anti-BSL community! 

Please copy and paste this letter into an email and send to: copy to: copy to: